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We believe that when you change a person’s life, you:

hope to a familya communitya difference in the world

“Our mission is to enhance and empower the lives of individuals with disabilities through employment opportunities that support uncompromised service to every customer.”

“We believe that every individual with a desire, regardless of challenges they may face, has the right to enrich their lives by having an opportunity to be gainfully employed & respected for their contributions.  We believe that exceptional service can be consistently delivered to each customer by these individuals employed by an organization committed to their success as well as that of their customers.”

Job Options, Inc. (JOI) was founded in 1987 with a mission to provide real jobs for capable people. Today, we are the 11th largest service provider in the AbilityOne program. Ninety percent of our business falls under the AbilityOne program, with the remaining business falling under the laundry and linen services  we provide to large hospitals.

At JOI, we value the work performed by our employees with disabilities and appreciate their dedication to maintaining quality services to all of our customers. In support of our mission, JOI employs about 850 people, including 500 individuals with disabilities.

We understand first hand the impact that the opportunities we provide have on our team members and their families.  We see their development and are proud of their achievements. We believe in the benefits of growth and empowerment and provide opportunities and support for our employees to develop throughout their career with us.  Each of our employees receives work-related rehabilitation services such as skill and accommodation assessment, proper placement and continual support to guide them on a successful path. Many of our employees with disabilities have successfully progressed to leadership roles within the company, a testament to our commitment in providing upward mobility to individuals seeking that path.

2016 Annual Report