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Partnering With You on Your Journey Beyond JOI

JUMP and the 
Competitive Integration Employment Program


The Job Options University invites you to join JUMP, the Job Options Upward Mobility Program. Continuing to grow with our Team, JUMP now includes a Competitive Integrated Employment Program (CIEP).

The Job Options University

Providing extended education and opportunities for growth within Job Options, Inc. and beyond.


JOI University

Providing education and growth opportunities through JUMP, the SourceAmerica Academy and Company created Training Programs.


JUMP gives the Team Members who aspire to Leadership Roles, the opportunity to gain or continue their education. JUMP offers Company designed Training and provides other Training through the SourceAmerica Academy and Guest Speakers.

Competitive Integrated Employment Program (CIEP)

Providing training and opportunities to engage in gainful employment oustide of Job Options and the AbilityOne Program.

Internship Program

The JOI Internship Program is offered to eligible Candidates with varying degrees of aptitude toward a specified field.

Training Tuesday

Through Company Specific designed Training Modules and Guest Speakers for selected topics, JOI has designed a program where Team Members who want to attend and increase their knowledge of Job Options and Company related processes, can attend these free classes and apply them to their daily work responsibilities as well as their continuing education.

Growth and Leadership

Growth leads to increased opportunities and requires a commitment to  expand our capabilities which creates a fast paced learning environment  that creates personal growth for our employees. Many JOI employees over the years have elected to invest in their careers and take training that has led to additional responsibility and promotions.  While it’s been a challenge to manage this kind of growth, the Company has an uncommon level of stability that it also offers which enables it to  be patient and make the kind of long term investments that are necessary for success. The level of stability that the Company has also enables it to offer its employees a work /life  balance which promotes healthy lifestyles.

Jeffrey A. Johnson

Chief Executive Officer, Job Options Inc.

JOI Competitive Integration Employment Program (CIEP)

In connection with the JUMP Track for Leadership positions, the CIEP provides opportunities for Team Members seeking to grow beyond the AbilityOne Program.

The links below will take you to real Job Postings, outside of Job Options and the AbilityOne Program.

Janitorial Services

Commissary Services

Administrative Services

Food Services

Hospital / Housekeeper Services

Laundry Services


JOI is committed to the success of our Teams. We understand how busy things can be, so we have created several different Training options to help with Work / Life Balance and being on the go.


The majority of our Training can be done on any Smart Device and most Trainings are self paced.

JOI University

Leadership Development and Training Programs Inspiring Opportunities for Growth within JOI and Beyond

Training Tuesday

Training Tuesday has been designed as a live webinar on new topics and sometimes, a review of training topics, designed to make the Team Member more familiar and confident with knowledge that is relative to Company Policies.

Training Tuesday is regularly scheduled for the 2nd Tuesday of each month, but notices may be sent out for additionally scheduled or special event Classes. If you are not able to attend the live Training Tuesday, you will be able to view the recordings. Current Classes are listed under the signatures of all HR Team Members.

Coming Soon… links to all past recorded Training Tuesdays, in “The More You Know, The More You Grow” section of this page.


 JUMP was designed to provide all JOI employees with the tools they would need to be successful, not only in their current career path, but to also to help guide them with training into the career they aspire to have. 

In the current phase of expanding the JOI University, we continue to evolve JUMP. In the latest evolution, we have incorporated the SourceAmerica Academy (SA Academy) into this Program.

The SA Academy includes manadatory Training Classes and provides Certificates of completion for these courses and other courses that the Learner is interested in.

For more information, please reach out to the Training and Development Department by sending us a message, that is available at the end of the information.

The More You Know, The More You Grow


This section will provide access to past Training Tuesday Classes.

Comments From Our Team

What is the Team saying about the JOI University?

“Employee training and development programs provide the perfect opportunity to expand the knowledge base within our organization. Furthermore, great learning experiences make for a happier, more productive workforce. Employer training is vitally important to the success of a competitive workforce. No matter the industry, filling the gaps in your employee’s professional knowledge is essential to keeping them productive and fulfilled. A high-quality training program can do exactly that.”

Don Terrell

Human Resources Manager, Job Options, Inc.

“Building the JOI University is building future opportunities for our employees. It gives them options for growth within and beyond Job Options.”

Michelle Harley

Training and Development, Job Options, Inc.

“JUMP and the JOI  University are two ways in which we seek to provide all of our employees with access to the training they need to grow in their positions and to prepare, if they so choose, to advance to the next level. This type of training helps us provide competitive integrated employment for our employees.”

Jeffrey Johnson

Chief Executive Officer, Job Options, Inc.

“Our internal training programs, JUMP and JOI University allow our employees to increase their personal and professional knowledge, leading to greater advancement opportunities both within and outside of JOI.”

Kelley Walker

Sr. Human Resources Manager, Job Options, Inc.

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Send me a message and let me know or just say “Hello”.